Birch Edge Glued Panel/Worktops

Material : Birch
Size : 18/3*120*300-1800 (RL) and other sizes
FOB Price : Sale:$2.99 / sq.f. In Stock
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1) Available Wood Species:

Russia/China White Oak, Acacia, Ash, White Birch, Red Birch (china cherry), Elm, Pine, Fir, Tung, Bamboo; Asian maple & Walnut; European Beech, Burma Teak, Thai Rubberwood; American Walnut, American Maple, American Cherry, Red Oak; Iroko, Wenge, Sapele, Zebrano,etc.


3000/4000*620/650/720/900/960*30/40mm. Thickness/Lamella Width: 15,18, 20, 22, 25, 28, 30, 40, 45, 48mm. Random length of the Stave:150-500mm.


  • Moisture Rate: 8%-12%.
  • Sanding: 240#(face); 180#(back).
  • Glue: Finnish Dynea & Japanese Koyo(according to DIN EN 204) without open gluelines.

4)Finger Joints:

Quality of joints between lamellae will totally exclude breakout, gaps, holes and excess glue on Top face. Ends well trimmed; finger joint hiding at side or showing on face


a strong shrink wrap, very safe packaging (plastic bands), fiberboard covering, strong pallets.