Iroko Worktops

Iroko Worktop product - 1
Material : Iroko
Size : 3000/4000*620/650/720/900/960*30/40mm and other sizes
FOB Price : Sale:$2.99 / sq.f. In Stock
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1) Available Wood Species:

Russia/China White Oak, Acacia, Ash, White Birch, Red Birch (china cherry), Elm, Pine, Fir, Tung, Bamboo; Asian maple & Walnut; European Beech, Burma Teak, Thai Rubberwood; American Walnut, American Maple, American Cherry, Red Oak; Iroko, Wenge, Sapele, Zebrano,etc.


3000/4000*620/650/720/900/960*30/40mm. Thickness/Lamella Width: 15,18, 20, 22, 25, 28, 30, 40, 45, 48mm. Random length of the Stave:150-500mm.


  • Moisture Rate: 8%-12%.
  • Sanding: 240#(face); 180#(back).
  • Glue: Finnish Dynea & Japanese Koyo(according to DIN EN 204) without open gluelines.

4)Finger Joints:

Quality of joints between lamellae will totally exclude breakout, gaps, holes and excess glue on Top face. Ends well trimmed; finger joint hiding at side or showing on face


a strong shrink wrap, very safe packaging (plastic bands), fiberboard covering, strong pallets.

Other Types

Beech Finger Joint Laminated Pane Worktop
Oak Worktop Countertop
Iroko Finger Jointed Panel Edge Glued Panel
Oak(European) Worktop Countertop