ChinaTimberFloor is a solely funded enterprise specializing in the manufacture of solid wooden flooring, Engineered multi-layered solid wooden floor, finger-jointed wooden floor and integrated wooden floor. Our own factories are Located in Shanghai, Dalian,Xiamen,Jilin of China.

The company started producing ChinaTimberTloor wooden flooring from 2009. Covering a site of 40,000 square meters, the company uses advanced German-made equipment. It boasts several vapor circulating and frying kilns, and utilizes a fully automatic UV production line for baking finish, imported environmentally friendly paint for all painting, and high-grade timbers from China and abroad for raw materials.

The company has obtained the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification and the FSC Management System Certification .The first-rate production line, high-efficiency manufacturing system, meticulous processing craft, outstanding management team, and rigorous quality control have allowed our wooden floor to stand out from the crowd.

ChinaTimberFloor wooden flooring has consistently adhered to its corporate philosophy of “quality first and customers foremost” and seeks not to be the biggest but the best.

Under the guideline of pursing a moderate scale and sustained development, the company implements policies based on “genuine materials, flawless processing, pursuit of excellence, and creation of a coziest home environment for customers”:

    1. Manufacture no defective products and accept no defective products.
    2. Thoroughly implement standardized operations.
    3. Build a neat, bright and pleasant working environment.
    4. Conduct constant employee education and training.
    5. Follow the principle of sincerity and credibility.
    6. Actively communicate with customers.
    7. Provide total customer satisfaction.

Following years of strenuous efforts, the company now enjoys brisk sales of its products at home and abroad and has successfully built a reputable brand as the “most durable solid wooden floor.”

The company undertakes to provide all users with only quality products.

The company’s marketing philosophy is that “quality is our first consideration and we never seek gains at the expense of customers.” All end are welcomed to use our products and your satisfaction is guaranteed. ChinaTimberFloor has completely met inspection and testing standards of Shanghai Quality Inspection Office in annual quality inspections. Most of the company’s products are exported to Asia, the US and Europe.

We also offers granite countertops, slabs and tiles. Conveniently situated by Shanghai ,Xiamen port, we are able to offer our customers production as well as exporting advantages. Going forward, we intend to expand our business to kitchen cabinets, doors, furniture, as well as such electronic products as liquid crystal displays and mobile phones.

We welcome both new and existing customers to take a look at our current lineup and hope that you will choose our brand of competitively priced quality products. Please feel free to send us your inquiries and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Fty Add : Shanghai, Dalian,Xiamen,Jilin of China.